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Sweet Cream Cold Foam At Home – How to Make this Coffee Treat


April 12, 2022

Starbucks launched its cold foam line of drinks in 2018, and I’ve been in love ever since! Everyone loves sweet cream cold foam as much as I do because former Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said demand for cold iced coffee drinks was very strong in 2021, and the demand will only heat up in 2022. If you love adding a bit of sweet cream cold foam to your morning iced coffee or even your afternoon iced coffee as much as I do, you need to read this blog post. We’re going to cover everything about cold foam, what makes sweet cream cold foam so delicious, and the steps you need to whip up this summertime coffee treat at home to skip the lines at Starbucks!

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What is Cold Foam?

Cold foam is a type of milk foam made with cold milk and cold foaming techniques. Cold foam is similar to traditional milk foam but lighter and airier in texture and at a much lower temperature. Baristas often use cold foam topping for iced coffees and cold brews. As the name implies, cold foam is made without heating the milk via steam agitation, the standard method for making milk foam for hot coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Cold foam, when made correctly, will sit on top of your iced coffee or tea drink of choice as a stable frothy topping because it will be less dense than your drink. You can drink these through a lid, but a straw won’t work because the foam will stay on top.

What is Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam?

Sweet cream cold foam is a cold foam sweetened with a bit of sugar and vanilla extract. It’s the most popular type of cold foam, and it’s what you’ll find on Starbucks iced coffees and cold brew coffees.

As one of the most straightforward variations of cold foam, it’s very popular in various drinks. However, it’s important to remember that you can take this principle and apply it to any cold drink to add to it. For example, adding a bit of matcha powder to the milk before foaming it will create Matcha Cold Foam that goes perfectly with an Iced Matcha Latte!

What Iced Coffee Drinks Does Cold Foam Go With?

Try out the cold foam latte recipes below on these iced summertime drinks for a special treat!

  • Iced Latte
  • Iced Cappuccino
  • Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte (add some matcha powder to the milk before foaming)
  • Cold Chocolate Milk
  • Iced Chai Latte
  • Nitro Coffee
  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Iced Mochas
  • Many More of these popular sugar-free Starbucks drinks

Why Does Milk Froth and Turn into Foam?

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When making cold foam, it’s important to remember a few critical facts about milk. Milk is made up of proteins, fats, sugars, and water. The milk proteins will help create the foaming effect when air is introduced via steam agitation, blending, or whipping, while the fat molecules will destabilize the foam. Importantly for cold foam, the fat molecules will melt at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius which means it’s best to use low-fat content milk for cold foam because refrigerators usually keep milk at about 35 degrees Fahrenheit or 2 degrees Celsius.

Baristas use non-fat milk and a high-speed blender to make Starbucks cold foam. With this in mind, let’s consider two main choices for a recipe on how to make cold foam at home.

Which Milk is Best to Use for Cold Foam?

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Skim milk or non-fat milk is best. The non-fat milk means there will be no fat molecules to destabilize the foam at the cold foam temperature. If they used whole milk, which has a higher fat content, the foam would break down after a few minutes. Heavy cream will not work as well at low temperatures needed for sweet cream cold foam because of the higher fat content.

How to Make the Bubbles? – The Best Agitation Method

The high-speed blender is used to introduce lots of air into the milk and make lots of very tiny air bubbles. This means the most powerful agitation option on your method of choice will be the best. You can use a high-powered blender, a handheld immersion blender, a french press, or even shake a jar full of milk, but more power will create a better cold foam.

Use a blender for sweet cream cold foam

How to Make DIY Cold Foam At Home

Now for the basic cold recipe and a vanilla sweet cream cold foam variation! I’ll also share a couple of methods in order of preference so you can make it with the equipment you have on hand!

Recipe Ingredients To Make Plain Cold Foam (2 Servings)

  • 1/4 Cup of Non-Fat Milk

Recipe Ingredients To Make Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam (2 Servings)

  • 1/4 Cup of Non-Fat Milk
  • 1 tsp of simple syrup or liquid sweetener
  • Dash of Vanilla Extract or vanilla syrup

Cold Foam Recipe with Blender

  1. Place all ingredients inside a blender with a high-speed setting, and it’s also best to use a blender size appropriate for how many servings you are making. Use a small blender for individual servings or a large blender for multiple servings so that the blades can adequately agitate all of the milk.
  2. Blend all ingredients at the highest speed available until foam forms, and the contents approximately double in volume.
  3. Pour cold foam over prepared iced drinks.

Cold Foam Recipe with Immersion Blender or Electric Mixer

  1. Place all ingredients inside a container. I found high-walled containers to perform the best.
  2. Blend all ingredients at the highest speed available until foam forms, and the contents approximately double in volume.
  3. Pour cold foam over prepared drinks.

Cold Foam Recipe with French Press

  1. Place all ingredients inside a French Press.
  2. Move the plunger up and down until the contents double inside (20 – 40 times). More agitation will help the foam stay stable longer, but we know French Press can be hard work.
  3. Pour cold foam over prepared drinks.

Other Cold Foam Modifications & Substitutions

The base recipe of just blending 1/4 cup of non-fat milk or skim milk at the highest speed setting available is enough to be your own barista this summer. You can add endless variations by substituting different kinds of milk and flavorings to suit any dietary restrictions or flavor preferences.

How to Use Alternative Milk

It seems there is always a new alternative milk on the market. Still, if you look at the protein content, you can tell how it will foam, with higher protein milk having better foaming characteristics and lower-fat milk being the better option for cold foams. If you want to use different kinds of milk the methods will still work, but you will have to agitate the milk for longer to get the same effect.

Cold Foam Variations

We’ve covered Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam, but you can add any flavoring to get cold foam all year long. You can add any flavored syrup or flavoring powder to the milk before blending to add your unique twist to the cold foam recipe.

Cold Foam Nutrition Facts

The basic cold foam recipe will have the following essential nutrition facts per serving.

  • 11 calories
  • 2 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1 gram of protein

Adding sugars or additives to make sweet cream cold foam will change the nutrition content, so be aware of adding too much sugar.


Cold foam is a great way to change up your daily coffee routine or to make an iced latte feel special. You can make cold foam at home with just a few ingredients and some standard kitchen equipment, so you don’t even need to go to a cafe! I hope this guide has inspired you to try cold foam for yourself.

Enjoy experimenting with different sweet cream cold foam recipes and please like, comment, and share if you found this helpful. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!



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