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Best Cutlery Drawer Organiser: Keep Your Kitchen Tidy


April 14, 2022

Getting the right drawer organiser is one of the best ways to make it easier to keep your kitchen tidy. If you want to turn your junk drawer into a neat storage space so that everything stays in place without shifting around, you’ll need to find the right organiser for your needs, whether it’s your kitchen or your desk drawer. We’re going to cover the most needed types of organisers so you can find the one you need and some extra tricks to keep your kitchen drawers tidy!

My Favorite Kitchen Drawer Organizer

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Here’s my top drawer organiser if you’re in a hurry.

Favorite Things About this Drawer Organiser

  • It comes in White, Black, and Natural so that you can match any kitchen decor.
  • Expandable – This drawer organiser can be 12.8″ – 19.7″ wide with 6, 7, or 8 compartments to hold everything you need. It’s 17″ deep so it’s perfect for most kitchen drawer sizes.
  • The bamboo construction is kitchen friendly because it’s BPA Free and easy to clean. Bamboo is environmentally friendly too.
  • Plenty of drawer dividers to create dedicated spaces to hold large utensils and reduce clutter

I first got this drawer organiser to use as a cutlery tray for my top drawer right next to my stove. I cook a lot so having my drawer close by is really important to me. This drawer organiser has little compartments for each type of utensil as well as a spot for my wooden spoons. It also has a deep well in the center that’s perfect for holding things like salt, pepper, and other spices.

Things to Know Before Getting a Kitchen Drawer Organiser

You should know a few things before getting a drawer organiser for your kitchen. We’re going to cover them a bit here so you can get the right drawer organiser for whatever your kitchen looks like.

  • Material – Wood, Metal, or Plastic Drawer Organisers?
  • Size – Will it fit in your kitchen?
  • Compartments – Will it hold all of your things?

What Material Drawer Organiser is Best for Kitchen? Wood, Metal, or Plastic?

This is really a personal preference, but there are things to think about with each drawer organiser type.

Wood drawer organisers can be more expensive than plastic or metal drawer organisers. If you’re looking for a drawer organiser on a budget, wood may not be the best choice. Wood drawer organisers can also be heavier than metal or plastic drawer organisers, depending on what type of wood they are made from. However, one of the most popular materials for wooden drawer organisers is bamboo, which is relatively light, so the difference in weight isn’t noticeable during everyday use.

Some plastic drawer organisers are not BPA Free, so I would not use a plastic drawer organiser unless the drawer is certified BPA Free. Look for this at your retailer of choice. This is a BPA Free option if you’re looking for a plastic drawer organiser.

There are also metal drawer organisers. These drawer organisers can be great because they’re often the most affordable. They’re also usually pretty lightweight, so they don’t add a lot of weight to your drawer. The downside is that some metal drawer organisers can rust if they’re not taken care of properly or if they get wet frequently. As a rule, metal drawer organisers are not as easy to clean as plastic or wooden drawer organisers, so be careful if you go with a metal drawer organiser option.

What Size Should My Drawer Organiser Be?

Typically drawer organizers are 16″ to 17″ long. The issue can be with the width which is why I like expandable drawer organisers, as they can be arranged to fit almost any drawer. If yours isn’t expandable I recommend a piece of velcro or removable adhesive strips to hold the drawer organiser in place as you open and close the drawer to prevent your cutlery tray from becoming disorganised.

How Many Compartments Should a Kitchen Drawer Organiser Have?

If you want to keep your cutlery drawer easily accessible, then a drawer organiser with about six compartments should do the trick. If you’re looking to organize other things in your kitchen like spices or cooking utensils, then a drawer organiser with more compartments would probably suit you. I have two drawer organisers in my top two drawers next to my stovetop. The top one is my cutlery tray, and the bottom holds all of my kitchen utensils.

If you have a lot of larger utensils, I would do the same and keep the trays close to each other so you won’t need to search through different spaces.

Alternative Drawer Organisers

Here’s my top choice in each material category since that’s the biggest choice you have to make regarding picking out which drawer organiser is right for you. The rest is just making sure it fits in your drawer and adding adhesive if it doesn’t quite fit snugly enough.

Best Bamboo Drawer Organiser

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I think bamboo is the best material for drawer organisers because if any food crumbs happen to find their way into the drawer bamboo drawer organisers can be easily wiped quickly with warm water and wiped down with a dry cloth.

Check this one out on Amazon if you’re ready to tidy up your cutlery tray with an easy-to-maintain drawer organiser.

Best Metal Drawer Orgainiser

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If you’re looking for a drawer organiser on a budget, I recommend going with a metal drawer organizer because they are the most sturdy type and are not likely to need replacement.

This is my top pick for a metal drawer organiser because it’s rust-resistant and has big enough compartments to hold all of your cutlery. These aren’t as easy to clean as bamboo so you might need a vacuum because crumbs can get stuck in the corners and fall through the holes.

Best Plastic Drawer Orgainiser

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Plastic and acrylic options can be great because they’re often the most affordable type. They’re also usually pretty lightweight so they don’t add a lot of weight to your drawer. The downside is that some plastic drawer organisers can become brittle over time and crack if they’re not taken care of properly or if they get wet frequently. However, this usually takes a very long time and I wouldn’t worry about that happening for a starter kitchen.

This plastic drawer organiser is perfect for starter kitchens with labels to keep cutlery in the right place.


Phew! That was a lot of information on drawer organisers. I hope this guide was helpful in deciding which drawer organiser is right for you and your kitchen, or maybe even your desk drawer. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Again here is my top choice, I’ve found bamboo to be the most natural material as it does not rely on environmentally harmful processes and will not damage your cutlery! Thanks for reading and please like and share if you’ve found this useful!


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