5 Etsy Finds Under $50


April 23, 2022

Maybe you just finished cleaning your kitchen and are looking to treat yourself with a slight upgrade to your setup, or perhaps you just don’t want the same old mass-produced kitchen tools on Amazon. After all, what’s a kitchen or a cook without a bit of personality? I put together this list of some of my favorite kitchen tools on Etsy. Etsy items are a great way to show off your personality and a little extra touch to your kitchen. So here are some of my favorites so you can get to know me, and hopefully, the list will spark a little imagination in you!

Rules of the Game

I love shopping for exciting things at online markets with a limit for a little added twist. It’s like taking a trip to your local farmer’s market to see what you can find. The rules I set for this list are simple;

  1. A handy kitchen item on Etsy
  2. Under $50

So let’s get started!

# 1 – Ceramic Herb Leaf Remover

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Shop: KitchenDiningPottery

The Ceramic Herb Leaf Remover is the perfect tool for stripping fresh herbs of their leaves. Kelly of KitchenDiningPottery designed this beautiful ceramic herb stripper to be convenient and easy to use in your kitchen. It’s also dishwasher safe! The Herb Leaf Stripper has four holes of various sizes to fit all stems with ease. Simply insert the stem into the hole at the top of our herb leaf remover, and pull down gently on the herb until the leaves fall from the stem. Then you can slice and dice away and add them to your favorite recipe! I use my herb stripper all the time when I’m looking to add a little something extra to my regular macaroni and cheese recipe!

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# 2 – Foodie Dice

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Shop: TwoTmbleweeds

Are you looking to shake up your cooking routine? Foodie Dice is a fun, new way to get inspired to create simple, seasonal meals. With 186,000 possible meal combinations, the possibilities are endless! Simply place the five primary dice in the tumbler, add a seasonal veggie die, and roll. Then shop, cook, and eat!

And they can be diet-friendly too! Just remove any die with off-limits items and you can expand your diet menu possibilities! You’ll never be hunting for new meal ideas again!

See if they’re in stock!

# 3 – Kitchen Sink Drip Catcher

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Shop: OhSewDesign

The Sink Drip Catcher is the perfect way to keep your kitchen counters dry and clean and add a little pizzazz to your counters. This cotton drip catcher is placed around the neck of your kitchen faucet to catch all the drips and water before it ever hits the counter. You can also set the dish soap, drain plug, and other items to keep water from puddling on the surface. The Sink Drip Catcher is machine-washable for easy cleaning. It works on regular kitchen sinks with a single faucet.

Find Your Fabric!

# 4 – Minimalist Spice Rack & Pantry Labels

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Shop: RealAndVibrant

If you’ve got a few older unlabeled jars lying around your pantry, consider the minimal labels that will turn any old glass jar you’d rather keep hidden into a counter-ready accent piece! These simple labels are the perfect way to achieve an elegant and modern look for your containers. The best part? You don’t have to spend a lot of money because you’re reusing what you already have!

These are just the labels, though, so it’ll break the $50 rule if you need the jars.

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# 5 – Macrame Fruit And Veggie Hammock

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Shop: LahaCorner

This beautiful hanging produce hammock is a great way to keep your fruit and veggies handy for convenient smoothies with a blender. Perfect for sorting and organizing produce, vegetables, fruits, and more. Each hammock is carefully handmade, with each knot tied close together to ensure that your fruit will stay safely inside and not fall out. Each hammock is eco-friendly 3mm cord and easy to wash. Setting it up is a cinch with four free adhesive hooks included. Show off your vegetables and fruits uniquely, and free up some counter space while you’re at it!

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That’s it for this list of Etsy Finds Under $50! I hope you found inspiration for your kitchen upgrades. Check back next week for another round-up of great finds. And if you missed last week’s post, be sure to check it here.

Let me know if you’ve got any secret kitchen finds under $50!


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