Mediterranean Meal Inspiration

23 Mediterranean Diet Meal Ideas


February 23, 2022

If you’re looking to switch up your diet and try something new, the Mediterranean diet may be the perfect choice for you! This healthy eating plan is based on traditional foods that are eaten in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fish, and olive oil, and it has been linked with lower rates of heart disease and other chronic conditions with the region boasting some of the longest average lifespans in the world!

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best Mediterranean recipes to enjoy while following the Mediterranean diet, including Mediterranean breakfasts, Mediterranean lunches, and of course Mediterranean dinners.

I covered the differences between the Keto and Mediterranean Diets already so check it out if you’re wondering which is right for you. If you’re going with the Mediterranean Diet and want to keep recipes like these on hand check out our guide to the best Mediterranean Diet books so you always have inspiration nearby!

Mediterranean Diet Basics

It always helps to know the ground rules for the Mediterranean diet in case you need to make substitutions or come up with something on the fly so here are the guidelines to keep you on track with a Mediterranean diet lifestyle.

  • Eat with a focus on leafy greens and whole grains (avoid refined grains).
  • Try to include fish at least twice a week
  • Lots of Olive Oil and healthy fats – use extra virgin olive oil to avoid bad fats
  • Fresh Fruit for Dessert
  • Wine in Moderation and avoid processed foods, saturated fats, and red meat

Mediterranean Breakfast Ideas – Bring on the Feta Cheese

I know what its like to start a diet one day and not have any more breakfast ideas than a hard boiled egg, but luckily on there are plenty of healthy Mediterranean recipes that can help you eat healthy early in the morning with a super delicious complete meal that will make all the difference in the rest of your day.

Overnight Oats

word image 19

The healthy breakfast to make the night before for when you know you’ll be in a rush. Grab some overnight oats and try out a few of my favorite topping ideas so you can keep coming back to this recipe again and again for a filling breakfast.

  • Chopped Dried Figs (avoid added sugar), Ricotta Cheese, and Sliced Almonds (Recipe)
  • Cream Cheese, Chopped Dried Cherries, Chopped Walnuts, Orange Zest (Recipe)
  • Date & Pine Nut Style (Recipe – add Apricots for a nice twist)

There are plenty of ways to make this whole grain-focused breakfast with new flavor profiles to keep you coming back for more so use your and let me know what combinations work the best!

Egg Combinations

These ingredients combine to make a delicious Mediterranean-style meal that’s perfect for when you have a little extra time to cook up something for breakfast!

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  • Try a Breakfast Sandwich with spinach, feta cheese, and tomato to-go with a thin multigrain bun and the egg fried to perfection (Recipe)
  • Perfect for a brunch recipe you can try these tacos with black or white beans, spinach, and cilantro (Recipe)
  • Add any fresh vegetables, like brussels sprouts, in your fridge to an easy omelet with some cheese, red onions, and herbs to make a nutrient dense early morning omelet! Try this one with asparagus (Recipe)

Healthy Whole Grain Toast Ideas

You don’t have to give up bread, just focus on the whole grain version and you can keep enjoying crispy toast in the morning for a quick and easy breakfast. These are all super simple so you don’t even need a recipe just pick your healthy ingredients and add a healthy bread. All the work is in the shopping!

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  • Avocado toast and Poached Egg with crushed red pepper or roasted red peppers!
  • Caprese Style with tomato, basil, and mozzarella!
  • Peanut-butter, with lots of healthy fats, and banana for the perfect pick-me-up combo
  • Sauteéd Vegetables on Greek Yogurt with Lemon Juice – OK this one has a recipe, but it’s super simple and gives me so many breakfast ideas so I had to share.

Mediterranean Lunch Ideas – Drizzle Everything with Olive Oil!

When it’s time for that midday break eating something wholesome, light, and nutritious will make sure you don’t end up feeling drowsy in your afternoon meetings. Try some of these easy lunch inspiration ideas to keep you on your A-game all day long!

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I love these wonderful lunch combinations because you can pair them with so many different things to keep up the variety. These are all wonderful with toasted pita bread, in bowls of crisp romaine lettuce with red onion, kalamata olives, whole cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and olive oil as a salad, or with quinoa, millet, orzo, farro, or your favorite grain to make a perfect lunch bowl for meal prepping.

  • Greek Marinated Chicken with fresh herbs, garlic, and lemon juice (Recipe) & Tzatziki Sauce (Recipe) – Make this recipe with chicken thighs or breasts, whatever you have on hand is perfect for the bold flavors in this low fat dinner
  • Falafel (Recipe) & Tahini Sauce (Recipe) – perfect for your next salad recipe
  • Simple turkey meatballs seasoned with chili powder with bell peppers and balsamic glaze
  • Adding canned chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and a green to any soup is a satisfying meal. Try this easy version with roasted red peppers (Recipe)
  • Plenty of fresh salads you can choose from like Greek Salad and Ceasar’s Salad

Mediterranean Snack Ideas – Roasted Red Peppers to the Rescue!

We all need a mid-day pick-me-up sometimes, but don’t let your cravings get the best of your good intentions and stop you from reaching your health goals. These healthy mediterranean diet snacks are the best we’ve found to keep our hunger at bay until dinner!

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  • Smoked Salmon & Avocado Slices (with or without whole-grain bread) and sun dried tomatoes
  • Fresh Vegetables & Hummus – try artichoke hearts if you need something different
  • Baba Ganoush with fresh greens or pita bread and olive oil
  • You can also use smaller servings of any of the lunch options! or even canned tuna in a pinch.

Mediterranean Dinner Ideas

On hectic weeknights, it’s easy to fall into the trap of unhealthy convenience foods. But with a little planning, you can make delicious, healthy meals that are just as easy as ordering takeout. These are some of our favorite recipes for busy weeknights that will keep you on track!

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  • One-Pot dinners like this Mediterranean Chicken are perfect for nights when you don’t want to do too many dishes (Recipe) P.S. The leftover chicken is wonderful.
  • Grilled shrimp skewers on a bed of orzo with goat cheese and fresh basil
  • This fabulous slow-cooker recipe is perfect for starting in the afternoon then running errands and coming back to a home-cooked meal and it’s great with or without meat so it’s wonderful for vegetarians (Recipe)
  • Shakshuka, how did we make it to dinner recipes without mentioning shakshuka. You can make this for any meal so easy leftovers. (Recipe)
  • Make sure you eat your fish on the Mediterranean Diet with this amazing sheet pan salmon and brussels sprouts (Recipe)
  • Add wild rice and sweet potato to this Halibut recipe to get the recommended seafood on the Mediterranean Diet (Recipe)

We hope you enjoyed these ideas for eating healthy food. We want you to have all the basics of making these healthy recipes on your own and can’t wait to see what you all make. If you need more ideas, check out our best Mediterranean diet cookbook guide for endless inspiration!



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